Hello and welcome to Red Hat Reviews. My name is Alex, I wear a red hat, and I am a slight bit obsessed with music. And so, in order to share this obsession with the world, I’ve created a blog to highlight some of my favorite artists and their discographies by reviewing their albums. I aim to review one a week and as time progresses I may expand beyond reviewing music in favor of some other creative projects. For now, here’s the current schedule for 2019, as well as a reference for what the ratings of the reviews mean. As I establish myself, I may make some tweaks to the schedule.


Post Schedule


Red Hat Reviews: Each Friday I will review an album I enjoy (unless stated otherwise on a Tuesday post, but such occurrences should be rare and should only occur in situations where another project is being released that I’d consider to be more important than an album review


Daily Hat Track: Each day, I’ll post a song on Twitter with a short snippet of what I think of it. I’ll compile the daily tracks of each month in a free post scheduled on the first Tuesday of the following month


Review Rating System


0=beyond garbage

1=absolute garbage



4=below average


6=above average




10=absolutely exceptional