Happy New Year 2019!

I would like to personally thank you for coming here to the Red Hat Reviews site at it’s debut (or for searching for the beginning of my posts if it’s a bit beyond January 2019). Either way, I greatly appreciate your visit and hope you’ll be coming back time and time again for album reviews.


Speaking of which, the first album review will be out this Friday, January 4. So make sure to check back then and every Friday afterward til the end of time (or til I decide to retire this site, which I don’t plan on doing for years but we’ll see. Also I plan on dying at some point. No specific date set in mind. It’s just an inevitability). You may also want to check my Twitter as I’ll be writing mini-reviews of one song each American evening.


This is just a basic overview of what to expect. but if you click on the About tab, you’ll get a more in depth look at what these posts shall fully consist of.


Have a wonderful year. I look forward to gathering a plethora of my favorite artists, albums and songs to share with you.